Your story, your party

Imagine in a few months from now you are in a party. Every one in that room is listening to you, because you are telling an experience so exciting that they’re fully engaged with it. It’s the story that changed your life and everybody’s freaking out.
Sounds pretty cool, right?
Probably while reading the first paragraph you’ve already thought in your own story. That story that you’d find so exciting, and scaring at the same time.
Think about that for a second. What’s the craziest thing that would make your story so exciting? (Personal or business… or both!)
Then, what’s stopping you to tell it in a few months from now?
We all have dreams. And the best way to tell your story or your company’s one is to do the scary stuff first. Book a flight to travel the world alone, starting a business with a mission, learn a new skill… It’s up to you!
Nevertheless, one thing is sure. If you know what you’re doing won’t help you to get to that story, and you decide to do nothing about it… You’re fooling yourself.