Amazing products you can't live without

The topic of TV advertising has been talked a lot in the last decade (Permission Marketing by Seth Godin is a must read). Everybody accepts that interruption marketing doesn’t work like it did years ago, but people still continue interrupting.
TV ads or banners in websites are two sides of the same coin. That can work from time to time, but that’s not what good marketers do.
Smart companies know—for a while ago—that good marketing is focused on the product. And if you can’t make a great product, your marketing won’t be either.
Companies that focus on their products they don’t use TV ads or banners. They focus on their products and make them so good you can’t live without them.
Google does.
Facebook does.
Amazon does (check your bank account if you doubt it).
Tesla does.
Netflix does.
And the list goes on. The interesting thing about this is, in the long term, product marketing strategies leverage companies and put them at the top.
In fact, people talk about these companies with their colleagues and families. What a better strategy than that?