The book you didn't read

Suffering while leaving a book without reading it from cover to cover is normal, you just get used to it. Why would you finish it if you know that it doesn’t worth your time?
Reading books is important. Nevertheless, the books you don’t read makes a bigger impact in the long run than the ones you do.
A lot of books could reduced its content to a quarter. Sadly, from 5 books you pick 4 of them are on steroids. You find a 200 pages book that could get shorten to 50. But nobody would pay 20 bucks for a 50 pages book, right? Then, authors fill them until they are beautiful.
Although you paid money for it, the opportunity cost of keep reading it is huge. What if in that time you read a different book that worth the time?
Because your time is precious.
Don’t get me wrong. I’ve suggested the books you don’t read, because you’re focusing your time in another worthwhile one. Not just because you don’t have the time.
Take this approach for articles or whatever information’s source you consume. Start doing something doesn’t justify the need to finishing.
If you want to give a second chance to the book, it’s okay. Jump between paragraphs if necessary. But when you notice the waste of time. Just leave it.