Feeling productive and workaholism

When I was working at SEAT, the automotive brand, I had the feeling I was getting a lot of stuff done just because I worked to many hours and ran around the office. But, it was far for getting a lot done.
As a lot of you know, working in a multinational company means in most cases that you need to deal with a lot of meetings, and interruptions and constant. I already told you how I deal with interruptions in an office¬†, but sometimes you just can’t avoid them. And meetings… they are the antonym of productivity.
But back then, it felt good. It felt like I was being productive because I was going to a lot of meetings, working with coworkers, and running around the office. However, after working that much nothing was accomplished. And what was the solution for that? Working more hours.
The feeling of being productive just because you’re working more hours is a trap.
What it is, and what it actually is makes a big difference. You can feel busy and think you’re working a lot. But that doesn’t mean you’re getting the [right] stuff done.
So, how can you liberate yourself from this trap? Track your time. Track every hour of the day, and write down all the stuff you’ve¬†accomplished. You’ll see how much you get done if you manage your time wisely.