Listen, adapt, repeat

In hindsight, I can tell you why my pitches I failed in the past. Every one looked the same, sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. And the reason is as simple as I didn’t adapt my message.
The easiest thing to think is that they don’t like you. Unlikely. It can be true but that’s rarely the case. What they don’t like is your pitch, the way you sold it. They reject your pitch, not you.
Early on, I learned that the best way to communicate your proposal is:

1) Listen. Truly listen. Ask questions that let you go to the core of the objection.

2) Adapt your message. Go through the objection and show how you can help her to solve the problem.

3) Listen carefully again. This is a critical point. Most of the people just are thinking of what they just said and what they’re going to say. Stop doing that. Listen and adapt your message again based on what you just listened.

Of course this ain’t make miracles if your product is not good. But, if it is good and you still don’t get through that client, there are two solutions: (1) avoid that client or (2) improve your pitch because it clearly didn’t work somewhere.
Listen, adapt, repeat.
Have a nice evening today!