Living without phone

‚ÄčTaking a plane is one of the best moments to get stuff done. You have no internet connection (unless you pay for it), then focus on something is easy.
When I was in Shanghai I bought a phone and I did the mistake of not asking if it was unlocked. So it only works there. If I want to use it right now it has to be it with wifi connection.
We’re used to check our phones everywhere we go. It’s a constant distraction checking whether you have an income message or someone might call you. Well, if you travel it’s useful because you can check your gps without problem and search for help on the Internet. But the benefits doesn’t justify the downside.
Right now I’m in a coffee shop in my way to unlock my phone. But I just decide that I’m going to leave it like that. Fuck it. Only reachable with wifi.
Why do I do this?
Because now I can focus.
Having no phone means you have no digital distractions that forces you to check your phone. And then you get a lot done.
It’s interesting. When I take a plane is one of the moments I become super productive. So right now it could be the same.
Let’s give it a try.