Marketing lessons in a restaurant

One of the things I really love from Southeast Asian countries is the food. It’s amazingly cheap (in Thailand you can eat for less than 2$) and you have a plenty of options. And that’s the problem, you can struggle deciding what to eat.
Right now I just ordered a dish. Rice with a bunch of vegetables, a weird kind of mushroom and shrimps. I feel exhausted because I’ve gone through more than 100 options (literally). Unless you have a specific idea of what you want to eat—you’ll struggle.
More choices technically mean more freedom. The power of choice they said. Is it obvious? No, it’s not.
We, the consumers, don’t want 100 type of dishes. We want to have an easy-going decision making experience.
Whether people say they prefer more options to choose from, less is more.
If you want to increase the experience of your customers and sell more, show less.