Starting with a title

The easiest way to start a blog post is with a title. Because you have a predefined idea, a concept, you are constantly reminded that you should keep the idea you want to transmit with that title. And that’s the good thing about it.
When you’re pushed to one concept, with a constant reminder of what it should looks like, the probability of keeping the focus is higher. Therefore your work is better.
You can start a post with a title, but you can also get this takeaway for other situations. As a professional, what’s your title? And I’m not asking about your degree. I’m asking the title of your positioning in people’s mind.
What’s the title of your startup or project?
Even though keeping the idea of a post with its title is easy, when dealing with careers or companies is far more difficult.
If you are a freelancer, instead of asking yourself, should I take this gig? you should ask, does this gig match my title?
It’s tempting to change the title over and over, but it’s consistency what pays off.
Think about it as a slogan. Does Nike change constantly his slogan of Just Do It? No, so why should you?
Your title is your slogan. Your promise.