The Thai happiness

​Yesterday I arrived to Bangkok, Thailand. It’s been less than 24 hours since I’m here, and I already feel quite happy. Not only because I’m traveling (which improves my mood instantly), but because Thai people helped me.
If you go to tropical countries, the first thing you notice is how kind they are. If you come from a big city with bad weather you’d see it right away.
Today I’m talking with a lot of people here in Bangkok. And all of them have a common pattern. They start with a compliment.
In the moment they say something nice, you are more opened. In fact, your mood change and become more friendly.
Imagine if you could say compliment to everybody you talk to. You’d become happier and the one who receives it would say something nice to you as well.
To be clear here, what I’m telling is not cheap flattery. Just really mean it. It will change your mood a lot.
As a Thai guy just said me before in a temple: everybody should relax and be happy–that’s the way to clear the mind.