The two years plan you'd change

​It’s kind of funny when you–or me–make decisions way long in advance. I’ll make this master in two years, then I’ll work in a company like X and, only afterwards I’ll become Y. It could be, but plans change all the time. In fact, something that takes more than a year ia likely to be modified.
If you’re moving ahead with a good rhythm, it’s probably that you’re making something different than you expected a couple of years ago, when you thought you were planning your future.
That’s good. Decisions were made with the information you had back then. Paradoxically, today you would choose another path.
That doesn’t mean you were wrong. You made a decision with the information you had, but now you’d be willing to change it. The reason is, we make new decisions based in new information.
What’s the takeaway with this? You can’t predict the future to way in advance, because when the two years plan comes, you’ll have new information.
I particularly like to make plans by 6 months, and planning by what I’m going to do this weekend. That the unit of measure I’m sure I can control.
The good news are, you can start planning TODAY. Don’t wait until 2017 comes. Plan these 6 months, and schedule this weekend.