Behind the scenes

​Youtube is one of the most time consuming activity out there. It doesn’t matter whether you know it can be a time sink or not–in the end you can be trapped easily. The other day I spent like 20 minutes watching a couple of videos about Casey Neistat, and I can tell you the reason I became engaged.
When you see the final version of a product, you can get amazed. But it’s the process what gets your attention.
With Casey’s videos you can notice that his videos are behind the scenes. He shares his life and the stuff that happens to him during the process of something. That’s what engages us.
People are interested in what other humans do.
So, why would you keep in secret everything while you can share the behind the scenes and engage people?
Showing how a product is developed is far more engaging than just showing the final result.
Get people behind the scenes and see how it works.
Happy new year!