The book is always better than the movie

Yesterday I watched the movie The Aviator, based on the life of Howard Hughes. Even though I loved the book, but as every time happens, the book was way better than the movie.
Why is that? It’s obvious, but in the answer resides one of the key secrets to build brands that last.
When you read a book you get deep into the story, recreating the story in your own head. There’s no way you build the story in the same way as everybody else. The basics are the same, but it’s in you heads where you build the details.
When you watch the movie, you get those details in another form. That’s cool, but they are not the ones you create with the book.
In that process is where you can build a solid brand. If you let consumers to recreate the story in their own minds, you’re going to stand out.
Don’t give your consumers all the details, just provide the basics of your story and let them recreate it in their way.
Your story should be a book full of possibilities, not a defined movie.