Brainstorming does not work

Brainstorming has 2 problems: (1) everybody thinks it works and (2) it lacks of a limitation system.
When I say that about brainstorming people think… Limitations? With them there’s no creativity!
Actually, creativity comes when we set a restricted starting point. With the lack of limitations brainstorming presents, there’s a high likelihood to end up with something that does not solveĀ the problem in a practical way.
Creativity comes when you establish restrictions. You have a problem and you want to find solutions within a set of limitations.
There are hundreds of alternatives to brainstorming. One of my favorite is the Six Thinking Hats. This method is the most efficient one I’ve tried. The beauty of it is that allows you to regulate limitations by the role of each participant. (Learn more about it here.)
Thanks to those roles, you can get a creative approach to solve every problem, being sure that you get a practical solution.
From now, the next time someone mention the word brainstorming, remember this post and explain another methodology, defining the limitations of the problem.