Consistency wins

Few years ago, when I was 16 I started to sell performance car parts. I moved into the racing world, where I knew everybody. And the knew me.
If someone needed a car part, they contacted me. I was the guy that came to their mind when they thought about car parts. So you need that part? Borja’s your guy.
I didn’t have an ecommerce site, just a list of friends that became clients, and recommended me to other friends.
With the time, I gained a positioning that leveraged my sales. And that’s because I was consistent on what I did.
Few years later when I started in marketing I used the same principle positioning myself as a brand strategist. Again, consistency has paid off.
Consistency goes beyond of just a sentence that describes what you do. It’s the story you tell.
That’s the best brand resource for top companies. Consistency.
Nike, for example, tells always the same story. Buy these sneakers and you’ll be like that guy. That’s the concept of their story.
Specialization has become more important than ever before. But is consistency what will leverage your brand.