Looking forward

​Knowing how the decision making process works is an important skill. Whether you like it or not, getting stuck with a bad decision is more common than you think. But, here is a golden rule to improve the impact decisions have in your life.
A month ago I came to Thailand with one simple idea in mind, live abroad few months while I work. So I packed a traveler bag and a medium size luggage with my stuff. And carrying that stuff has been limiting my options.
The golden rule for decision making process is to think about new options without considering investments or movements you’ve done in the past.
Carrying my luggage has been limiting my traveling options, because moving around in SE Asia with that thing is complicated. So I thought, alright, what would I do if I wouldn’t considered my last decisions (carrying my luggage)? Then I knew I would travel around with only my bag for these months.
And that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll leave my luggage somewhere and at the end of my trip I’ll try to pick it. If I lose it, I’ll deal with it. But as my mentor said to me, if you don’t travel and enjoy right now, you’ll regret it.
We are constantly making decisions. Sometimes good ones and sometimes bad ones. But if we just understand some basics, the decisions we make can change the path in our lives.
Next time, try to look forward and decide your best next move without considering the decisions you’ve made in the past. It will worth it.