What's in it for me?

This morning I had a really long trip in a minivan through some bumpy roads in Thailand. It’s a fantastic moment to disconnect, observe around and think. If you want to have great ideas you only have to ask yourself, what’s in it for me?
It usually takes around 15 minutes until you get into deep thinking. From those 15 minutes you notice how ideas flow in your mind. You start observing, getting every single detail of the things you oberserve. Then, you can get great insight from the question what’s in it for me.
For example, I saw a truck with a message in one of its sides that said open your world. I was moving that message around forĀ 20 minutes (or at least it felt like that time) and in the end, I had great answers.
Don’t see. Observe. Out there you can find the answer you’re looking for if you ask the right question.