Breadcrumbs: breaking rules to find answers

It’s been a month and a half since my last post, and I just arrived to my home, from my 90 days journey. In those days I have discovered one of the best ways of how to get traction in a professional career, and it’s not working more.
It’s been exactly 3 months since I landed in Bangkok and my trip began. This is how it looks like:

Since I quit my job in Shanghai I knew I had to do something like this, so I just picked my luggage and went to the airport.
For a while I was traveling and keeping my daily posts. It was okay, but after a month or so I knew if I stopped blogging I would disconnect completely and get myself into the trip. And so did I.
Sometimes you set for yourself some rules that you don’t want to change—like a post a day no matter what (don’t worry, I’ll stick with it.) However, there are times when you have to break your own rules and do what it feels right.
And here is where the good stuff comes.
Traveling is the best way to tackle a tipping point in your life/career. You won’t get answers, though. But you’ll find breadcrumbs.
In order to see the breadcrumbs you have to disconnect as much as possible. If you are thinking you have to publish something in your blog at the end of the day…. No bueno.
I found several patterns and interesting stuff. And in the end, everything is connected.
Breadcrumbs can mean nothing when you find them individually, but can make the total when you connect them.
They might get you to a point you didn’t consider before.