Discovering the key to success while painting

The other day when I was painting some car parts, I realized how patience is directly related with the results you get.
When I was younger I used to spend the days making stuff. One of the things I loved the most was fixing and modifying cars—it was a great hobby. So the other day, whenI started to paint some wheels for a car, I reminisced those days.
It’s interesting when you see a car that has just been painted. You can say whether the painter was patience or not—because is not the act of painting what matters. It’s the process.
Then I saw myself, spending at least three thirds of the time preparing the wheels before painting them.
With your career, your company, even your blog, it’s exactly the same. It takes at least three times of preparation to get everything ready, and in the end the act of painting is the easiest one.
The takeaway here is… there’s no shortcut. It’s like the marketing debt. If you don’t spend enough time in the preparation process, people will notice. And your product will be sloppy.