A question nobody knows how to answer and you should

Imagine for a moment that tomorrow you’d have a meeting with Warren Buffet. He wants to invest in your company, but only under one condition… you’ve got to explain him in detail who your target is.
You can say easy peasy, but it ain’t be.
Alright, maybe you’re in the group of the ones that know the answer really well, but more often than not, people don’t know exactly their target.
And by knowing I mean really knowing them. Not vaguely. You’ve got to know every single detail about them. Otherwise, how are you suppose to market your product?
The success of your company depends on how well you know your target.
Not the target you’d like to aim, but the real one. Knowing their interests and preferences as the palm of your hand.
Learn that and you may succeed. Learn it so well as if Warren Buffet will ask it to you tomorrow.