The connection's economy

Lately some people have been asking me about their business ideas. They have an idea and want to validate it with me. Whether or not they’re pushing a product to the market (I clarified that problem here), I figured out that a lot of people are making the same mistake, so let’s see what’s going on.
If you analyze big companies, they have a common pattern. Let’s take the following examples: Airbnb, Uber and Facebook. What do they have in common? They connect people.
Airbnb connects people that want accommodation with people with houses.
Uber connects people that want to go from point A to b, with drivers.
Facebook connects people from all over the world.
Your company connects people that want ___________ with ___________.
Fill the gaps and you might get a winner idea.
We are no longer in an industrial economy where a physical product is needed. Today the economy is ruled by connections.
Consider this post the next time you want to launch a project or business.
Connect people that want to be connected.