AI's coming, and it's here to stay

There’s no doubt that AI’s replacing cheap workers and it will only leave skilled people. Wait, are we completely sure about that?
You can be the best skilled guy in the world doing something, but if a robot can do it, you better find another strategy.
What would you do if your job is substituted by a robot?
It’s an interesting question to be asked. If you care about your professional future, start finding an answer of what’s coming.
Sometimes change can be unnoticeable—though I’m not saying unpredictable. Nonetheless, with AI is not the case. In the last years we’ve seen the raise of robots and what they are capable of. Change this time is totally noticeable.
As the same way a taxi/Uber drivers should be worried about autonomous cars, you must ask yourself, could my job be replaced—sooner or later—by a robot?
We’re not that far.