Bonds of loyalty

Think about a product you own. One that you think the brand is special and makes you feel different. If somebody tells you she owns the same product, would feel an immediate bond with her? I bet you would.
That’s one of the steps towards brand’s loyalty—the creation of a community that intensifies bonds between each other. Just like Harley Davidson does.
You can’t dictate a group to be loyal. It doesn’t come from you. It’s the group that decides to be loyal. And that’s a power that shouldn’t be underestimated. They have the control and if they decide not to follow you, that’s their choice.
Nevertheless, if they decide to follow you it’s because you’re doing a good job as a leader (or as a connector). You’ve put in contact people that feel a bond with each other, and that’s more powerful than anything you can buy with money.
Those bonds don’t come because you say it to. It’s their choice. It happens if they want to.