The first two hours of the day

That’s the most creative and productive period of time during the day.
And also the most wasted.
Between the time you get up, check your phone, check your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… You’ve spent one hour and it’s almost time to leave. You waste that span of time to get down to work a bit and be creative.
Knowing this, the best trick is to plan your day ahead and make a habit of it. Don’t spend your first two hours with your phone.
Remarkables wake up earlier and take those 2 hours to make remarkable work.
These two hours are critical. Don’t waste them. And the same applies if you’re an owl. Don’t waste your last two hours of the day with Netflix.
Put yourself down to work and see the results ahead. As Zig Ziglar used to say, see you at the top.
Creativity doesn’t come after lunch, so plan your day ahead and make the work that matters.