Everybody wants to be remarkable—that’s the truth. Nobody ever said say, nah I don’t want to be remarkable. Well, at least I know you won’t say that.
Then, if everybody wants to be remarkable and only few achieve it, there’s only one reason that explains this path… It’s difficult as hell.
Only a few achieve it because they’re committed hard workers (or even sometimes stubbornness). Remarkables achieve that status not because they’re talented, but by being good at separating what’s going to help them and ignoring ruthlessly everything else.
Alas, your beloved ones will push you to the middle of the curve, because they care about you. Consequently, since you trust them, you’ll do what they suggest.
Being remarkable is a choice. Even though the market will push you to the average’s path, you can make your own—because you have more power than you think you have. Most people’s reality doesn’t have to be yours.
Remarkables fight. So can you.
No one can force you to be more average if you decide not to.
It won’t be easy, but it’s worth the try.