Be like Darwin

Charles Darwin once said: “I think I am superior to the common run of men in noticing things which easily escape attention, and in observing them carefully. My industry has been nearly as great as it could have been in the observation and collection of facts. What is far more important, my love of natural science has been steady and ardent.”
It’s been said that, instead of asking questions and forget them afterwards, Darwin kept thinking over and over about the same question. He was looking for connections in his ideas and when the right opportunity showed up, he popped out that question again.
This is interesting to analyze, specially for people that makes their living by noticing things, like you and me. And, in order to boost your career you’ve got to be like Darwin. Find those things that escape attention and turn them into insight. In that way, you can create great projects and put them in front of the right people.
Easier said than done, but acting like Darwin and turning those insights into projects is the way to level up.