Feedly, the best alternative to social media

My very best alternative to social media are books. But this time I want to point out the benefits of using a RSS reader.
People use Twitter with the excuse of being up-to-date. But I think checking constantly Twitter is futile. I rather focus my attention on what I want to, which is reading more blogs.
The problem with Twitter (and Facebook is worse) is that the temptation of checking a non-related tweet is really high. You’re a click away from wasting your time.
However, with RSS apps like Feedly, you can organize your interests and follow a lot of blogs.
Blogs are the best way to keep up-to-date and learn more.
I read a few dozens of blogs per day. And I strongly recommend you to do the same.
There are different RSS readers but right now I’m using feedly. It’s easy to use and you can categorize your blogs.
The best point of using a RSS reader is that the content doesn’t hide unless you don’t open the app. And the main problem I’ve found, with my blog and the blogs I follow, is that Gmail (or whatever email you use) defines what goes into the spam folder. Which is great, but since a lot of marketers decide to spam people, it becomes more difficult to get out that hole and the people that really want to read your posts miss them. So using Feedly is a great way to make sure you read what you want to read.
Anyway. READ. MORE. BLOGS. And if you want to follow my blog on Feedly and not miss a thing, click on the button below.
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