If I would…

If I would have more money I could start this business.

If I would have more time I could start a blog / project.

If I would obtain a publisher’s contract I could write a book.

If I would rank the first one at Google searches I could sell more.

If I would… (fill this gap with what’s stopping you from doing the work.)

Blaming external facts is an easy and comfortable choice, but it’s not a smart way to move forward. And as you’ve already guessed, these are excuses led by the lizard brain. Excuses that you and I have used at some point in our lives, which at some point stopped us. And maybe are stopping you right now.
The thing is, the sooner you recognize that you have more power than you think you have, the sooner you start making things happen. That’s when you stop blaming external facts—like the lack of money, time or other’s permission—and go to the conclusion that the only force that’s stopping you is you. Your inner Resistance. (A concept curated by Steven Pressfield described in his book The War of Art.)
Sometimes there are things that escape from your control, but far too often is not about them. It’s about you. The Resistance is the thing that sepates you from your success.