Lost books

During the weekend, I’ve basically spent these two days reading. I had a couple of books that were standing in the bookshelf for a while and I wanted to read them. I didn’t know why I was so excited to read them, but when I was rereading some books that have been in my library for years, I knew exactly the reason.
One of the things I love the most about physical books is leaving them in the bookshelf and, a few years later, ask myself when and why I left them. It’s great because you get every single day a visual trigger of ideas. And that’s why if I can avoid reading from my kindle I would–but that’s another story.
Thanks to that visual trigger I picked a couple of books I had read and started to see what content I highlighted and the notes I wrote. However, to my surprise, there were some ideas that I didn’t even highlight or put a side note. And since those ideas would’ve been a great solution from a couple of failures I’ve had, this got me thinking about it. Why didn’t I even think about them?
The truth I found was harsh. It wasn’t lack of experience, but it was that I didn’t make myself ready to read those books. And when you know that it changes everything. Knowing that you’re not ready to read a book gives you clarity to pick another one and make yourself ready.
It might sound stupid. I would say that if you want to improve you have to read books above your level. And that’s right, but before you tackle them you’ve got to be eager to read them. Maybe you just need to read a few pages, read a couple of reviews or even wait a month. Anyway, you should wait until you feel the urge. And just to be clear here, this is not an excuse whether you should read a book or watch TV.
As I said recently, we see what we want to see. Maybe you’re in front of a book that is perfectly suitable to the problems you’re facing, but if you are not alert, you’ll miss the opportunity. That’s why is critical to make yourself ready.
And this is when having an unread library is more important than a read one. When I find a book that seems interesting I just buy it. And maybe I don’t read it right away, but I wait until I’m ready, otherwise I could miss a huge opportunity to change things.
Nevertheless, even though this practice works, there are always external facts that gets in the way. And it’s here where rereading books it’s fundamental to notice things.
Anyway, be open to change and make yourself ready.