How NOT to launch a product: a tip for startups and starters

I’m a huge fan of electric transportation. When I was in China I was fascinating with the variety of hoverboards, electric bikes and electrics skateboards. They’re fun, clean and save you time if you live in a congested city.
So a friend of mine, knowing that I like these things, showed me a new electric mini-skateboard that is about to be launched. It looked great. It’s small so you can carry it with you while you travel, and it doesn’t need a controller. However, the main problem was that to be able to use it, you must download an app, sign in with your Facebook account and then use it.
Are these guys serious?
Here we must consider two things: (1) don’t make annoying the experience, and (2) don’t be so clear with your urge to get users data.
If you include something additional to your product, make sure it fulfills in one way or another the customer experience. By adding that app you’re not making their life easier, people just want to unbox it and use it right away. Plus, if you decide that you need your app for whatever reason it is, at least add some value.
The problem here is not the product, the problem is that getting more appears to be the order of business. In today’s words, getting more data appears to be #1 priority. But in a connected economy people doesn’t respect companies when they don’t add enough value.
Two takeaways here:
1. Do not add any feature that would make your product experience worse.
2. Treat your customers with respect and be generous.