Spam junkies

It’s 7 a.m. and today I’ve decided to clean my inbox first thing in the morning. It sucks. Not because the work itself, but for the bunch of spam I receive every single day. And what’s  even worse, it’s spam I’ve tried to unsubscribe but they still send it to you no matter what.
For whatever reason a lot of marketers still use this technique. And if I ask them why they do what they do, they would say because after all, it works. They put your email in their database manually because that’s the only way you’d sign up, just because it works.
Of course it doesn’t work. It might seem it works, but what works is their selfishness. They send one last offer to see in you bite the bait. But they are junkies, they are addicted to spam. And you guess well. It’s never the last one.
And the reason they do that it’s simple. They don’t like you. They only want your wallet. Thus, how are you supposed to gain trust like this?
The problem is that most people know that they’re spamming. They’re seeking the short-term benefit without considering what’s going to bring value to you.
You only need to send spam once to shattered the trust you’ve gained. People only need one second to detect any kind of BS. In the long-term the “it’s only this time” makes the difference of being trusted or being a spam junkie.
In the end, whatever you practice will define you—as a person—and your professionalism. For better or worse, bad practices stick in time. If you get used to spam, you’ll become a junkie.
Don’t waste people’s time. Don’t be one of those.