The #1 department receiving the blames

Marketing is the #1 department to be blamed if things don’t work out.

Sales: they are not doing their job. I can’t sale a thing because of them.

Finance: they are not doing their job. The numbers won’t get right by themselves.

Purchase: they are not doing their job. In order to cover it up they just spend more and more.

And so on.
Then with this environment, marketers tend to hide. And the best way to do it is by measuring things and blame the numbers. Therefore, they start being selfish looking for short-term results, violating the customers’ trust.
This makes people uncomfortable. It puts marketers on the spot. So, by knowing that it probably won’t work, they embrace the status quo and find a way to release their blame.
And that’s the reason a lot of companies are boring. Only those that embrace this possible and challenge the status quo, are the ones who engage with us.
That’s marketing. Nobody knows for sure what works and what doesn’t.
And the truth is that you probably won’t get it right the first time. In marketing there’s nothing legitimate. You’ve got to test over and over to see what works for you. What is for sure is that you’ve got to work with what is on the table. Experiment, fail soon and play again. That means putting your product out soon. And by that I’m not saying that if in a week or so doesn’t work you’ve failed. It’s about finding a good balance, getting constant feedback to reshape your product or strategy.
Your campaign will need some tweaks, count on it.
And that’s the beauty of marketing. Since nobody has an universal answer every case is different–that’s why creativity is so important, you’ve got to find solutions to problems without a defined solution, with endless possibilities.