The methodology bloggers use to write great posts

If you want to be a great blogger you need great posts. And if you want great posts you need this three steps methodology (in order of importance):

1. Think: first you make your research and process it. Afterwards, you’ve got to think what you’re going to write about.

2. Find a great title: you start with a title by knowing the main idea of the post. If you don’t, people won’t click and you miss the opportunity to make an impact with your post.

3. Write: Once you’ve prepared everything, you start molding your ideas into words.

Notice that writing is the last step in this methodology. And yes, of course if you don’t write there’s nothing to show. But if you do write without considering the firsts steps first, there’s nothing to make an impact with.
As Malcolm Gladwell said: “For every hour I spend writing, I spend three hours thinking about writing.”
In the end what makes the difference is writing something worth reading. That means coming with the right idea and the right headline (not cheap catchy headlines every time). And thinking beforehand in the readers.
Once everything is ready, you’ve just got to put it down to words. Even though people think this is the hardest step, if you do the first one well, this should be easier.
If you find the last one harder that the first, you’re doing something wrong.