Top ways to make a website great

Have a story. It’s not just a post, or an about page. It’s everything you do. The series of posts you publish. Your tone. Your message. Every interaction is based on your story. Start with a concept and create from there. This is the main put-into-practice point you should get from this post. Without a story people won’t join you.

One purpose. Only one. People won’t click on everything you put. Get used to it. Instead, make something so great that doing one action is appealing and the only thing that looks natural.

Have a useful design. Not too clever, nor sloppy. That means, no carousels, no fancy effects, no typefaces that are difficult to read… You get it. User centered, not designers centered. (If you don’t believe me, take a look of Craigslists’ design.)

If it works, works. Do not try to reinvent the wheel. Marketers love to change designs over and over. Don’t do that. Only change your design when it doesn’t work, not because you’re tired of it.

Fewer words. The fewer the better. And it’s the same for pages, or actions. Just. Less.

Users’ perspective. Don’t tell me about you, tell me what’s in it for me. A website that starts a sentence with “I” or “We” won’t engage at all. Do the opposite, write the content with the users’ perspective in mind—and that includes the language your target uses.

Have a voice. Unique in your own way. Tone. Everything. (This is a direct variation of the story.)

Kill it. If something doesn’t work—whether it’s innovative or clever—kill it.

Intuitiveness. Make a website that is effortlessly. Fresh, new and intuitive at the same time. That means that any user can navigate through it right away without a manual. Easier said that done…

Constant improvement. Don’t settle.

[Whether you’re reading this in 2017 or you do it in several years from now, these points will still have its place in any great website, app or almost anything that requires an interaction through a digital device.]