5 books to read this summer

I started this blog with a Book Review category, but over time I discovered that you don’t like it too much and it’s time consuming for me, so I stopped updating it. However, since some readers ask me for some suggestion, from time to time I’ll write a post with what I’ve read so you can find some books.
These are the ones I’ve read lately that you might like:
1. Disrupted.
A story written by Dan Lyons (a writer from the Silicon Valley TV Series) about his experience in the startup world. You will find it interesting. It will make you to rethink how the startup world operates and what some companies are actually looking for. Even though you’ve got to be always skeptic, it will definitely make you think about it.
2. Turning Pro.
I chose this book but I could’ve chosen The War of Art or Do the Work. Steven Pressfield knows how to kick your butt in order to push you to do something. If you’re feeling a bit stuck or experiencing a dip in your career, pick one of those books and let them motivate you. They always work.
3. Grit.
I bought this book a while ago and I read it last week. There’s a lot of media noise with this book, but I think it’s overrated. Maybe it’s because I’ve already read similar stuff or because I had high expectations. Anyway, check it out, perhaps it’s helpful for you. but if you want to read something else about the psychology of success you can also read Mindset. (In this topic Now, Discover Your Strengths is also helpful.)
4. The Filter Bubble.
This book has been one of my favorites reads lately. It explains how customized filters are making us dumber and how big tech companies have a critical impact in the way we consume media. It also made me use less and less social media platforms since they are one of the creativity’s killers from the 21st century. Must read.
5. Bold.
Terrific book on new technologies and new ways to enter into the market. Every marketer should read this book to have a notion on how to market products today.
Free Agent Nation
A book from Daniel H. Pink written in 2001. Besides it’s a bit old, it’s still relevant and I believe today is more important than ever. Pink talks about how the white-collar jobs are turning into freelancer gigs, and how to escape from the cubicle to lead your career. Must read.