The art of creating value

It’s funny when go to a museum and see that not everybody gets the meaning of some paintings. You can hear comments like it’s overrated, makes no sense or I could do the same that this guy. But there’s always a small group of people fascinated with some paintings. And those are the ones who perceive the value the painter offers.
Successful painters focus on a small group–people from the edge of the curve. They don’t try to please everybody because they know two things: (1) they’d fail and (2) they’d make their art mediocre.
Great brands have never been built by focusing on the masses. At some point they get to a mass market but they never start from there.
Forget about the idea of pleasing everybody, or your brand will become a lot of things, nothing in special–which means, mediocre.
Focus on a small group that cares about you, make art and develop one of the best experience they can get.
That’s the way to create a valuable brand.
Creating value for those who care.