The billion dollar question

This is an attempt to help you focus on what you should. What you love. Or what you ought.
We’ve heard so many times focus on your passions and you’ll succeed.
I’m tired of people saying focus on your passions. Though I think it could be a great way to do something great, sometimes it can be erroneous or misunderstood.
Instead, I love another way to rethink your work, and here’s where it comes the billion dollar question.
Peter Diamandis in the Tim Ferriss’ podcast, said “If Peter Diamandis or Tim Ferriss gave you a billion dollars, how would you spend it? Besides the parties and Ferraris, if I said you I want to give you a billion dollars to go improve the world, to go solve a problem, what would you do with it?
At risk of people taking this in the wrong way and lead them into a great failure, I believe it’s a powerful question that everybody should answer.
This question gives you a long-term focus on what you should do with your work.
It gives you a purpose.
And it doesn’t matter if you apply it right away or not, but it will stick in the back of your mind. And unconsciously, you’ll start looking for patterns of how to get there and align your work to get there.
Maybe it’s literally a billion dollar question. Who knows.