Brands, branding and everything in between

There’s a slightly difference between brands and branding. People usually confuse these two terms, so let’s make this straight.
This is a definition of brand from Karen Post:

“A brand is the sum of all actions surrounding a competing entity. A mental impression that is earned through time. It is a culmination of emotional, logical, and physical attributes, characteristics, performances, assets, liabilities, and promises.
“A brand is not your name, a logo, a tagline, or the latest ad campaign. (…) The brand is what the market thinks, feels, and expects when it selects one thing over another.

As you can see a brand is way far from the definition of branding.
Branding is the process. A brand is the end result.
Whether you want it or not, everybody has a brand. And it’s not your logo.
A brand is something that doesn’t go away soon. It’s an asset a company (or person) owns.
Branding is just something you do. A tool. Usually an expensive and unpredictable tool that doesn’t always tweak your story in the way you want it.
There’s a big difference between a brand and branding. And since branding is expensive, unpredictable and problematic, I don’t think it’s smart to be recognized as somebody who does that.