Creating your own rules: entering into a market with a new category

Making change is difficult, but sometimes flipping the omelette is the best way to market your products. And that’s by creating or defining a new category.
If there’s no gap for you in the market, create your gap.
Like Bowerman (Nike’s cofounder) did back in the 70s. He published a book called Jogging where he established a new category for Nike, selling their specific product afterwards.
That book put Nike in the map and when the Olimpic Games of ’72 came they were top in the industry. Cortez was the only product in the market to practice jogging. No other company had shoes like those ones back then.
When 7up showed up in the market a while ago, they would’ve failed if they’d categorized their drink as another Coke. However, they flipped the omelette by creating the uncola category.
Or if you want another example, Red Bull also created the energy drink category.
In all these case, they turned the problem into their own advantage.
There are several approaches to enter into a market, but defining your own category usually pays off.