Does a filter represent who you are?

Today companies trust their data system to manage talent. They use a system looking for keywords, patterns and a variety of things that make a candidate suitable for a job. And that’s the kind of job you want to avoid.
If you look for a job, that’s what you’re going to get. A job where a system goes through your résumé looking for patterns that would fit you in a position or discard you right away.
Big corporations love this process.
It’s your fault if you decide to play their game.
When your job can be written down, they’ll find someone cheaper than you. They want someone that follows the rules.
You should look for opportunities, not jobs.
Your job is not to follow the rules. Your job is to get an opportunity where you can make change happen.
Applying with résumés doesn’t represent who you are, how good you are, or what you can do. It’s a filter for companies that process thousands of candidates.
Why would you even bother to send your résumé?
Why would you even fill their applications where they just want you to fill another résumé to help them put you through a system? They don’t deserve you, and even worse, you’ve got to do the dirty job of filling the filters for them.
You deserve better than that.
Remarkables are not filtered just like job applicants are.
Remarkables are a mix of talent, skills, and perseverance.
Remarkables are the ones that makes change happen. And the ones you want to be surrounded by.