Get out of your field

This morning I was reading a book called Understanding Comics, a terrific book on how comics work. I didn’t expect to get inspiration, but I found it really useful to rethink a couple of projects on web design and storytelling. Nevertheless, this is not a surprise.
Over time, I’ve noticed that most of my ideas come from unexpected sources, like learning web design through comics, improving my marketing skills by reading history, or understanding storytelling by watching movies.
The lesson to learn here is that when you don’t expect too much, you better pay special attention, because might be surprised with what you get.
Far too often we tend to consume the same information that everybody else within our industry, however. As a matter of fact, change has never happened by following what everybody else is doing. Change usually comes when we challenge the status quo by getting out of our own fields.

“To be original, seek your inspiration from unexpected sources.” – Paul Arden