Kitchen, trainings and competitions

You can ask every athlete about their key to success, and one of them is eating well. They reshape their bodies in the kitchen. Trainings are important but eating well is critical.
For your career is the same.
You have a diet, trainings and competitions.
First, diet. In career’s terms mean the information you consume. The books you read, the courses you take and your healthy habits–like writing. It’s worth consider here that a diet is not about eating less. Diet means eating the right stuff at the right time, in a suitable way.
Then, trainings. That’s sitting down and doing the work. Here’s where you get the experience that works in harmony with the diet you have. One thing can’t work without the other. The better you eat the better shape you get by working out.
Finally, competitions. Here’s where you show your work. You show your shape to the world that you’ve gained with dedication and commitment.
This is a cycle that improves with time. There’s no shortcut.
Thus, like in sports, if you don’t eat properly you get stuck within the first level where almost everybody is. Following the right diet, working out and competiting are the requirements to jump over amateurs.
This is when being committed and having a habit makes the difference.