Knowledge is power. Is it?

A year ago I wrote a post called Information is power. Is it? where I remarked the difference between information and knowledge. My mistake was to point knowledge as the most importance thing, but there was something I left out…
There’s no doubt that knowledge is powerful, but the most important variable is imagination. This idea just popped out when I was reading a book called Hunch: Turn Your Everyday Insights Into the Next Big Thing by Bernadette Jiwa, where she wrote:

In 1929 Einstein astonished his peers in the scientific community when he said, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’, but as physicist S. James Gates points out, having mulled over Einstein’s words for many years, the reason they ring true is because ‘imagination turns out to be the vehicle by which we increase knowledge. And so if you don’t have imagination you’re not going to get more knowledgeable.’

I was kind of right in my first post. But I didn’t mention Imagination, and now in a world where information is everywhere, it’s more important than ever before.
Knowledge is about getting great answers, but imagination is what drives you to those conclusions through the right questions.
Imagination is power. Because it lets you to develop your knowledge.
And the truth is, you have more imagination than you think.