P2P businesses

Marketers are selfish by nature. It’s something inevitable. No matter what, over time they tend to focus on numbers and it’s where the obsession begins. In the end, by measuring their success based on numbers, they’ll do whatever is necessary to push them a bit further. And that’s when they forget they’re marketing to people, which ends up to be key of everything: the people-to-people approach.
On the early 90’s when General Motors launched Saturn, they did a radical move in terms of retailing, and what looked like a foolish move, ended up being a bold one. They decided that it was time to remove the thing that kill sales, and that was not paying their salesman commission.
Instead, they offer a salary to their consultants (as they called their salesmen), so they didn’t have the apply pressure in every sale in order to close it. Thus, they could focus on the customer, rather than being desperate to close the sale and get the commission.
Did it work?
What happened was that they experienced record sales in the US for two consecutive years. And by 1996 they were #1 in sales experience satisfaction.
Even though this example is from a few decades ago, the concept still remains. And maybe today makes more sense than ever before. People buy from people. Forget B2C, B2B, or any other concept, you’re in the P2P (people-to-people) business. In the end, behind every transaction people are buying the person, not the product itself.