The best choice

When people buy something they, rationally, try to explain to themselves why the thing they bought was the best one. And if you pay special attention, they will try to show their peers why it was the best choice. We always do it.
This applies to every kind of purchases. In fact, business-to-business this happens when managers spend money and try to persuade their bosses why that was the best choice.
You can become the best choice. All you have to do is to make it easy for your customers to understand the benefits in a clear way, and become the best choice they can show to their bosses.
It can be for connections, proximity, expertise, knowledge, tools,… something with value, bigger than the cost itself. Something that will make them shine in front of their bosses. (Obviously here you need to bring real value. Not BS allowed.)
A good way to become the best choice is to find somebody with a problem (and knows it) that can only be solved by you.
That a good way to create value and build a brand.