The importance of owning a platform

A lot of noise is going on these days with adblocks, and every time a platform changes something, the real losers in that fight are the companies that rely their businesses to them.
First of all, advertising as we know it, or used to know, is infirm. Yes, it gives you numbers, results, and whatever you want. But when it comes to long-term strategy, advertising gives you more harm than results.
In one way or another, we pick a new medium and extract all the juice until it’s dry. Ad companies push their medium to the extreme of being annoying. TV reached that point a while ago, and YouTube will do at some point.
But the thing is, the losers here are not the companies that use those platform to leverage their work. On the other hand, the companies that own the platform, by the time a medium doesn’t work they’d figured out how to monetize their in a different way.
Therefore, the real losers when a platform changes are the companies that base their survival on it. By that I mean companies that rely on TV ads to get sales. Companies that suffer if their SEO fails… You name it.
The reason a company goes into that hole of depending on others to survive is to rely their community to this third party.
When another company is in between you and your community you’re at their mercy. You’re doomed to do whatever the platform wants you to do.
The reality is hard, but in the end, people don’t like ads.
The ads business model doesn’t work unless you’re the platform. Because if you control the platform you get to decide where your business is going.
Facebook and Google (ad companies) don’t care if your business is out.
Nobody does.
That’s why you have to control your own platform and have a direct communication with your audience.
Just like SEO goes to a second plane when people search you by your name (and if your web doesn’t show up you’ve got a problem), advertising is futile when you work the right stuff.
It’s tentative to enter into a new world instead of living in your own island. But sometimes is just better to live with a community in your own place rather than go conquer a whole new continent where the unexpected happens.
If you study every powerful platform, you’ll discover that their goals don’t match with company’s goals.
Airbnb goals doesn’t match with renters’ goals.
Uber goals doesn’t match match with Uber drivers’ goals
Facebook goals doesn’t match with advertisers’ goals.
And the list goes on and on.
Don’t forget that.
Unless you own the platform you’re vulnerable.
Play with it at your own peril.