The Netflix way

It’s interesting to observe how ads are become less irrelevant that they did a few decades ago. Now you have alternatives to do the right thing and avoid them–and not only that. Today, you can change the rules and become your own platform and content producer, just like Netflix does.
Netflix has a clear picture of what the future looks like. They don’t want to be the platform where other producers go to put their work. Netflix is the platform and the producer. Their goal is not to get others’ work. Their goal is to be the one producing the work and┬áthe only platform showing it.
They knew that once they show up and demonstrate that their model works, more people would want to get a piece of the cake.
I think they’re doing a great job with their series Netflix Originals. But they are not the only ones. There’s also HBO that joined the game, and Amazon with Prime Video between others. It’s pretty clear that these companies saw the change and did something about it. However, the other ones didn’t see it coming, and if they did, they ignored it. Now they’re out of the game.
As I’ve said before in this blog, platforms and communities are what matters today. TV is way out of the game. And now is too late to get out of it (or maybe not).
It turns out that these companies are showing us that being the platform and producer is a smart (and profitable) alternative to the TV industry model. Maybe there’ll come the day when this subscription model won’t work, but now is crystal clear what’s going on.
There are still people that don’t want to understand that the advertising model is busted and the way out is not by selling ads. By being a platform and producer you can make change happen, because you can have a community of movies/series junkies that are eager to watch your content. And when you reach that point, people will come.