Trust and connections

Today’s economy is driven by trust and connections. That leaves us to the fact that brands are a result of these two variables that makes possible the final perception.
Therefore, every brand’s got to find a balance between these two variables.
And since you’re also a brand, you play at that game too. If a client (or the company you work for) is making you unbalance your scale of trust and connection, cut that relationship relentlessly.
Quit your job if you have to–or fire that client. Over time, those who leverage their balance are those who wins. They become scarce.
We live in a noisy world. Trust and connection are scarce. And scarcity is powerful.
You can become scarce by leveraging your trust and connections at the same time. But find a balance between these variables. Don’t risk the trust you’ve gained over the years just to increase your connections.
And if you have to bet in one of them, trust always pays off, then, connections follow.