Are you proud of your work?

Over the years I’ve noticed that, if you want to succeed at something, you’ve got to be proud of work. And that sounds super obvious but it gets missed all the time.
A few days ago I launched a new project called Tarsye, a community of marketers that want to see change happen on the YouTube industry. We fight against the TV-Industrial complex thinking that is corrupting the Internet by interrupting people over and over and over again.
This project has a clear purpose and when I think in the long run, I know that right now I’m doing work that matters. Work that I’m profoundly proud of. Will this work? It might work, or might not work. That’s just something you can’t tell by. The only thing I know for sure is, if I do nothing, it becomes clear that it won’t work.
Nobody has a recipe for success, though. but in part it has to do with being proud of your work and make something happen.
That’s a good starting point.
Are you proud of the work you’re doing?