Be generous

I’ve been working on a book called What Should Brands Do with YouTubers? (you can learn more here), where I’m gathering experts from around the world to speak their minds on the relationship between brands and YouTubers… And something remarkable happened.
I’m not going tell you how generous are the people that have participated, dedicating their precious time to help us move things forward, because it’s a given.
Instead, I want to tell you what happened with the people that decided to step aside and not contribute. That’s where you can identify the real professionals and how they reject a proposal.
Even though a lot of people didn’t even respond to me, it turns out that some well-known experts understood the change I was trying to make and appreciated the proposal, but they refused in a generous way.
They said No to me, keeping in mind how they’d like to receive the feedback if they were in my shoes. Saying No and generously say I have to pass on this time, but go ahead, makes all the difference.
Not so many experts did this gesture, but you can tell by why these experts are where they are.
No matter how successful you are. In the end, success is based on how well you treat other people.
(And it’s also a great way to reject a proposal with style.)