Where do I find my early adopters? Hint: is not by interrupting people

If you’ve been following this blog you’ve noticed that from time to time I talk about the importance of focusing on the early adopters, because in the end they are the only ones that want to hear from you, and the ones who spread the word.
Knowing that you have to focus on the early adopters is not the challenge. The challenge is figuring out how to connect with them and where to find them.
So, where do you find your early adopters?
If you’re asking that you’re getting it wrong.
Because you don’t have to find them, they find you. And that makes all the difference.
The challenge here is how you build your product to make it findable. Thus, you start to be aware that the only way to reach them is by creating remarkable products.
Therefore, the question is… How can build I build a remarkable product so these people will find me?
And that’s a hell of a question, but it always pays off by itself.

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PS: Today I’ve launched Tarsye, a new site that is going to be a community of marketers that want to level up, where we’ll talk about YouTube. I strongly recommend you to take a look for two reasons: (1) even though we’ll talk about YouTube, the knowledge you’ll get there can be applied to any platform you market to. And (2) we’re starting a movement against advertising and its bad practices from the TV industrial complex. That’s the main reason I chose YouTube. Not because I want to, but because I believe right now is on a tipping point and feel the urge to call all the marketers to make things right and don’t screw it up again, making YouTube the next TV.
If you believe in that and want to be part of something remarkable, I suggest you to sign up for further news. I promise you it’ll be something remarkable, where people will find us to make change happen.